BOOM! is my practical, no-nonsense business book – ideal for business owners everywhere seeking no-fluff, down-to-earth advice on how to GROW, DEVELOP and simply ADD IMPACT to their business and is also an inspirational book that fires up your enthusiasm, passion, energy and entrepreneurial spirit.

BOOM! is different from other business books – it is a colourful and exciting and easy to read! It not only lays bare WHAT to do – but more crucially, HOW to do it.

• First understand the freedom of the BOOM! mindset
• Then discover the BOOM! solution
• And finally, check out the BOOM! business toolbox

BOOM! is a powerful, explosive combination of information and “how-to” that gives you absolute control over the growth and success of your business.

Throughout, I refer to my 7 Business Disciplines, which I used in my business and will be easy for you to implement too. What’s more important though is many businesses who have applied these disciplines have seen a staggering difference in their turnover, their profits and their overall approach to business.

FOCUS your vision – with business strategy
BUILD your business – with business planning
MASTER your marketing – with marketing management
MANAGE your money – with practical finance
INSPIRE and lead your team – by teambuilding
CARE for customers – through customer commitment
MOTIVATE yourself – through personal development

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