People often think that mentoring is something that is only of use to failing businesses. While I am happy to work with businesses who may be having difficulties, in fact the opposite is true. Business mentoring is used by successful companies, who simply want to be more successful.

Much like the BOOM! concept, business mentoring can help you and your business whatever stage you are at:

…perhaps you are at a tipping point, your sales are about to go supersonic and you want advice on how to control that expansion to ensure quality, standards and business integrity are maintained…

…perhaps you are just starting a new venture, be that a brand new business or a new business stream and you want to grow effectively, and profitably…

…perhaps you already have a successful business, but you are aware of your own, and your business’ potential and you want to develop this further, with the help of a business mentor.

Business mentoring is great. But please don’t think this is a passive experience- the aim of business mentoring is to help YOU develop your business, so you need to put the hard work in.

Mentoring will:

  • Offer an alternative perspective on your biggest issues, helping you step back and see the ‘bigger picture’
  • Help you identify areas that need the greatest work
  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas or approaches
  • Offer tips, tricks and advice from a position of having “been there and done that”
  • Empower you to take control of your future business success

A good mentor will:

  • Challenge you and identify the potential benefits of a change of approach
  • Be your business confidante
  • Be someone to keep you focussed on your goals
  • Be someone to nag you!
  • Be someone to hold you accountable for the growth and success of your business

As you can see, the benefits of business mentoring are expansive and crucial to your business success.

Rather than asking yourself if you can afford it, you should probably be asking if your business can afford not to…