“Emma is extremely high energy. Not only is she a fabulously-engaging speaker and expert, she is extremely knowledgeable on all facets of business life. She creates excitement and a real can-do feeling in people. In my experience, when entrepreneurs feel they are ready to be coached or mentored, they want fast results from someone who has been there and done it. Emma became a self-made millionaire through her own application of the 7 Business Disciplines.  I’ve known Emma for years and she always delivers.  She’s a captivating speaker and an expert who gets results.”
Bev James – Managing Director – The Coaching Academy
Emma Wimhurst Archant Media

“Emma was the host speaker for our 2010 Business Awards. She was the perfect choice for a large audience of SMEs
who could relate to many of the issues she addressed in her speech. She relayed her own personal story with warmth
and enthusiasm whilst at the same time being direct and realistic. Her passion for the subject and her bubbly personality
make you want to listen, and the feedback we received reflected this. She is an extremely professional speaker and
we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for other similar events.”
Enzo Testa – Executive Managing Director – Archant
Emma Wimhurst Archant Media

Emma Wimhurst - Made Not Born“We had really positive and enthusiastic feedback from delegates who attended the recent Made Not Born events delivered by Emma. Emma’s ability to inspire, enthuse, motivate and certainly inform delegates on how to develop their leadership and management skills was outstanding. Her own story allowed the audience to accept Emma as a business owner who had also experienced some of the things they were experiencing. Emma sharing her story enabled the audience to take away her key learning tips based on her “Seven Disciplines that can make your business succeed”. The session also involved thought provoking activities and key questions such as “How clear is your vision” Have you a plan? Is everything in your business going to plan? These key questions allowed the delegates to reflect on their own business vision and direction and to discuss and question their reflections on their own businesses.

Emma also showed her ability to respond to any issues the audience threw up whilst drawing on her wealth of relevant and highly practical experience  which really is second to none….Well done Emma and thank you for two resoundingly successful events.”
Patricia Colhoun – Department of Education & Learning – NI

Emma Wimhurst - Jane Hopkins Testimonial“Emma is simply fabulous. I’ve seen her speak a number of times and each time I take something new away. She is full of life, in fact I don’t know anyone with more energy and it is contagious – I feel I can take on anything after listening to Emma! She always has time to speak to people individually, no matter how many people are there waiting to talk to her afterwards, she always takes the time to offer her valuable words of wisdom. She’s a great role model to any aspiring entrepreneur, and we love her.”
Jane Hopkins – www.mumsclub.co.uk

Emma Wimhurst - Aziz Testimonial“The first time I came across Emma was on LBC radio. I thought what a lady! She was arguing the case against positive discrimination for women and arguing for better help and support for women. This is the line I take. I then heard Emma talking about the book and how she was honest about her strengths and weaknesses in business. I knew I would read her book, BOOM!
Aziz – Southside Accountants

“Emma was an absolute gem at Sandwell Council’s ‘Allsorts’ Enterprise Event. We are so grateful to Emma for giving up her time and expertise to help people in the borough develop their business ideas into a reality. I have heard from many delelgates that attended on the day and they have all commented on how inspirational and approachable Emma was.”
Sandwell Council
Sandwell Council - Emma Wimhurst Testimonial

“Emma was very captivating and engaged the whole audience (even some sceptics). She tailored her talk to ensure all of her disciplines were relevant to not-for-profit and in keeping with our values and culture. She was able to put across key messages like purple cow, importance of money on everyone, walking in customers shoes and knowing where you’re heading as an organisation, which people kept quoting and refering to throughout the whole planning event. Emma is very engaging and interesting to listen to.
Toby Mildon www.tobymildon.com

“I knew immediately that Emma would be my ideal business mentor: she’s been there, she’s done it, her track record of accomplishments is fantastic – she was the perfect choice”
Barbara Cox, CEO Nutrichef Ltd

“Emma is highly disciplined and focused, and that is what you need in a business mentor. Fortunately a lot of her energy and motivation also seem to rub off. Many of her tips and techniques are now being applied in my personal life as well as my business life.”
Sarah Isaacs, Owner, Kiteleys Solicitors Ltd

“Emma is my business conscience. If I find myself procrastinating an image of her pops up in my mind and she’s saying, ‘What have you achieved since the last meeting?’ and then, ‘What do you mean you’ve done nothing?’ So I get on and get it done!”
George Whitmarsh, MBE, Managing Director, Global Integrity Ltd

“What distinguishes Emma from other mentors is the sense that she is an integral part of my business and incredibly encouraging. She’s so fired up and positive, she is a breath of fresh air.”
Peter Read BSc(Econ.) ACII, Owner, Read Insurance Brokers Ltd

Emma Wimhurst - Testimonial Ariane Poole “I have read many business books in the past and yours is the best!! It is the one I have got the most out of and quickly. It was one of those books that you don’t want to put down. And when you’ve finished you want to read again just in case you might have missed something. It’s brimming with passion and enthusiasm plus being incredibly practical. I will be recommending BOOM! to everyone I know. I just wish it had come out years earlier. Thank you!!”
Ariane Poole

Emma Wimhurst - Tom Evans Testimonial“I’ve read many books on business development but never one like BOOM. I read it in between Christmas and New Year 2009 and in January 2010 my business simply transformed itself as a result. I became more focused, more confident and more successful – billing more in less than one month than I did in the whole of the last quarter. It’s full of no nonsense business brilliance. It’s ideal for anybody who wants their business to stop being in the doldrums and to take a quantum leap.”
Tom Evans, The Book Wright

Emma Wimhurst - Caroline Eveleigh Testimonial“If you are a small business owner looking for inspiration then Emma Wimhurst’s new book “BOOM!” could be just what you are looking for.BOOM! makes compelling reading – from the details to the bigger picture. It is a pleasure to dip into as and when needed. Part case study, part business mentor, BOOM! is both fun and useful. Recommended.”
Caroline Eveleigh – www.gettingtoexcellent.com